Saturday, August 16, 2014

[SOLD] Five BFG Rivals 245/40/17

Tires are SOLD.  Thanks for the interest everyone.

Up for sale is a set of five BFG g-Force Rivals, size 245/40R17.  Four tires are lightly used, and one is new (never mounted).  All five were purchased new in the summer of 2013.  The four used tires were dedicated autocross tires for an STX-prepped Mazda RX8 and saw very little street miles.  I'm asking $400 for all five including shipping to the contiguous USA.

Asking price: $Sold
Shipping: Included to contiguous USA
Size: 245/40ZR17
UTQG: 200 AA A
Tread Depth: 5+/32nds inside tread block
6+/32nds center tread block
6+/32nds outside tread block
Location: Massachusetts
These were dedicated autocross tires which were almost never driven on the street.  They were used for 2 events in 2013 plus 6 events in 2014, for a total of less than 100 autocross runs (mostly asphalt).  Tread depth (see pics below) is above 5/32nd's on all four tires.  The RX8 is very easy on tires, and tread wear is very even across the face of each tire.

Tread Splice: Minor, cosmetic tread splice is very common with BFG Rivals.  These tires all show some minor tread splice, which appeared within the first handful of autocross runs and has never gotten worse.  BFG and Tire Rack have discussed this issue on several forums, and it has been deemed cosmetic and not a safety or performance issue.

Local Pickup:
I am willing to lower my asking price for local cash buyers.

Click on the photos for a full resolution version.

Tire 1:

Tire 2:

Tire 3:

Tire 4:

New Tire:

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