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[SOLD] 2004 Mazda RX-8 – Prepped for STX (MA)

Selling my 2004 Mazda RX8 which has been set up for autocross and track days. I am the second owner and purchased this car while living in San Diego back in 2007. Since moving to Massachusetts, it has only been a summer car and has never seen salt or snow. The undercarriage is clean and there is virtually no corrosion on any parts. The car has been maintained to an extremely high level and will come with a stack of service receipts. The engine is stock internally and just passed a compression test on 7/16/2015. Current mileage is approx 66,000.

I am not a great driver, but I am pretty good at car setup.  I have had several fast drivers in this car, and they have done very well with high praise for how easy it is to drive fast.  The highlight was probably the 2013 season, where Jeff Anderson had a number of wins in the car and even got a mention in the “Who Will Win?” article in Sports Car.  Multiple tour and pro wins and trophies throughout the years, including a podium at the Ayer Champ Tour a few weeks ago.

This is also one of the lightest STX RX8’s in the country (maybe the lightest) and would make an excellent starting point for a DSP car.  Also a great track day car.

Asking Price:
66,000 (approx)
Trim Level:
Sport (6mt, cloth seats, no sunroof)
2,712 lbs @ 1/8 tank

Vehicle History:
I purchased this car when I was living in San Diego from the original owner, Brian Goodwin (owner of Good-Win Racing).  The car had already been modified for autocross (STU) and track days, and I have since invested a lot of time and money into making the car lighter and faster. This was a California car until 2008, and since then it has been a summer car only.  I have detailed maintenance records and a large stack of receipts which will come with the car.

Vehicle Condition:
The car is 11 years old and as such has accumulated some cone rash and some minor dents and dings (detailed in photos).  Otherwise, the car is in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition, and the paint still looks fantastic after a wash and wax.  The car has been mostly garage kept, is washed often, and is thoroughly detailed every fall.  The undercarriage of the car is spotless.  Every bolt comes off like it is brand new.  This car is very easy to work on and will last a long time if properly cared for.

Lots of the aftermarket parts are relatively new, and many OEM parts have been replaced recently as routine maintenance.  The transmission shifts well.  Both front LCAs, a tie rod, and the fuel pump were just replaced this year, along with all new eccentric bolts for the front suspension.

I understand a serious buyer will likely want a compression test.  I will arrange this shortly.  In the meantime, the car has zero symptoms of low compression, and data logs show healthy mass airflow and strong 30-60 acceleration.  Marc Monnar (of DSP RX8 fame) recently co-drove with me and commented that it pulls much harder than his DSP car.

Update:  Passed compression test on 7/16/2015

Clean title; no accidents; title in hand; no hidden issues.

Suspension Upgrades: 

The suspension has been through multiple iterations over the years, and I can confidently say it currently feels the best it ever has.  Current setup is revalved Ohlins DFVs with Swift springs, Racing Beat front bar, and stock rear bar.  The front bar has PowerGrid links and plastic bushings.  Ride quality is of course subjective, but I do not find it punishing and drove the car to Nationals last year. The Delrin UCA bushings feel amazing and remove any hint of slop from the steering.

Install Date:
Ohlins R&T Coilovers
Custom Valved w/ Swift Springs
Delrin Front UCA Bushings
Racing Beat Front Swaybar
PowerGrid Swaybar End Links
JIC Al Front Shock Brace
Miata Aluminum Shock Towers
Delrin Diff Mounts

Engine and Exhaust Upgrades:

I spent an absurd amount of money building a custom, light-weight, STX-legal exhaust for this car which would meet the strict local sound limits and be pleasant to drive on the street.  The header is tig welded stainless with a Racing Beat flange.  The midpipe has an HJS Motorsports WRC cat with two Coast Fab/Burns mufflers.  Cat back is a modified large-can Borla.  Sound levels are well below 90 db at 75 ft.  The header and cat are wrapped in custom Inconel heat shields from Kool Mat to keep under-hood and transmission temperatures in check.  Full disclosure: the Coast Fabrication mufflers are clamped on – rather than welded – on the advice from Gary at Coast Fab.  The slip joints will occasionally need some high temp RTV to keep the joints from leaking.

Install Date:
Custom Stainless Header
Custom Inconel Heat Shield
Custom STX Midpipe
HJS Motorsport Cat

2x Coast Fab Mufflers

Custom Inconel Heat Shield
Borla Catback (new muffler in ’14)
BHR Ignition Coil Upgrade
Racing Beat Intake
Cobb AccessPort Programmer
Mazdaspeed Left Engine Mount
Mazdaspeed Right Engine Mount
Pure Power Billet Oil Filter


This car has a NLA big brake kit from Racing Brake which moves the front caliper inboard for more wheel clearance.  This is key for running high-offset 17” wheels.  The front setup includes 2-piece rotors and aluminum calipers.  There are also 2-piece Racing Brake rotors in the rear.  Current pads are Hawk HPS with good life left.

Racing Brake Front Big Brake Kit
Hawk HPS Front Brake Pads

Racing Brake 2-Piece Rear Rotors
Hawk HPS Rear Brake Pads

Pimpy Race Parts:

I had two RaceTech RTROAD seats installed by well-known Spec Miata specialists Flatout Motorports in 2013.  Custom brackets were built to allow use of the factory sliders with the driver seat as low as possible.  I am 6’4” and have plenty of head room. The seats can also be raised by using alternate holes in the side mounts.  The car also has a hard-wired DL1 installed in the center console and a 7.5 lb LiFePO4 battery from Voltphreaks in the trunk.
Racetech Seats (Qty 2)
Installation (14.75 hrs)
Voltphreaks VPH900 LiPO4 Battery
Battery Bracket & Wiring

Race Technology DL-1 Data Logger

Wheels and Tires:

The car will come with two sets of unobtanium SSR Type-Cs.  I will also include a set of 15 mm spacers which I tested once on the front and tossed in the "bad idea" pile.
SSR Type-C (18x9 16.9 lbs)
245/40/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport

SSR Type-C (17x9 15.0 lbs)
245/40/17 BFG Rival S

Team Dynamics Al Lug Nuts
ARP Extended Lug Studs (Front)
Eibach 15mm Spacers

Available now, or could deliver to Nationals with a deposit.

Sorry, car has been sold

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