Wednesday, August 14, 2013

-SOLD- SSR Type-C's - 18x9 +55 5x114.3 16.9 lbs

These wheels are now sold.  Thanks everyone.

Up for sale is a set of very rare, out of production, non-staggered SSR Type-C's.  These are the pre-Tanabe one-piece style and very light at 16.9 lbs each.  These wheels retailed for $600 to $700 each when new.  I am asking SOLD for a set of four, including shipping to the contiguous USA.

Asking price: sold
Shipping: Included
Size: 18x9
Offset: +55
PCD: 5x114.3
Center Bore: 79.5 mm
Color: Anthracite (gray) center with a polished lip
Weight: 16.90 lbs each
Location: Massachusetts

I used these wheels for autocross only, and they were not street driven.  However, they were used when I bought them, and they have seen multiple sets of tires through the years.  As such, these wheels are not perfect.  There are some light scratches in various places from cone strikes, lug nuts, and general handling of the wheels.  There are also some scratches on the lips from tire mounting and dismounting and some pitting of the clear coat.  One wheel has what looks like a touch of curb rash.  There are some deeper scratches on the inside of the barrel from the previous owner, and they appear to be from using a low-quality tire mounting machine.  All that being said, the wheels look fantastic, and they will make excellent autocross or street wheels, but I would not recommend them for a show car.  They have been priced to reflect their condition.

Local Pickup / Delivery to Nationals:
I can drop a bit off my asking price for local buyers or deliver to SCCA Solo Nationals to save on shipping. 

I've included a bunch of photos below.  Some were taken with a flash and some without to try to capture the contrast between the anthracite centers and the polished lips.  Click on the photos for a full resolution version.

Wheel 1:

Wheel 2:

Wheel 3:

Wheel 4:

Pics on my RX8:
*Autocross pics courtesy